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    Thank you for considering enrollment at Puyallup Playcare Center.  We encourage you to call and visit the center for a tour.  We are proud of the program we offer children ages 2 1/2 through 12 years of age. 

    The history of Puyallup Playcare Center is an interesting one.  Incorporated in September of 1968, we began offering care that same month.  At that time Puyallup Playcare Center was volunteer based.  The volunteers would go to local fields and transport children back to the center for an enriching day while their parents worked in the fields.  Over the years we have grown and evolved into the licensed, full service child care center that we are today.

     We are licensed by the Department of Early Learning to care for 88 children on site at any given time.  Our total enrollment is approximately 125 children.  The total number of children allowed in each classroom is designated by the Department of Early Learning based on square footage. 

     Our teaching staff of approximately 20 care for the children and an administrative staff of three provide support to staff, families and children.  Puyallup Playcare Center is affiliated with Bates Technical College who provide training and support for administrators, teachers and children.  Many of our teachers have earned AA in Early Childhood Education or BA in Education and others have their Child Development Associate certification.  As a part of our affiliation with Bates Technical College and the Early Achievers program, we are able to provide our employees with educational opportunities at no cost.  Staff members also utilize the Bates Resource Center to create new, enriching activities for the children and their classroom.

     As a non-profit organization, we are governed by a Board of Directors who is responsible to set the policies for the center.  As Executive Director, my responsibility is to ensure smooth daily operations of the Center.

     I hope you will take the opportunity to visit Puyallup Playcare Center soon to determine if we meet your needs and expectations for the care of your child. 

Nancy Handy
Executive Director