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The Explorers              

Curriculum in the Explorers classroom focuses on the social and emotional development of the child.                              Building Friendships                                    Sharing                                                       Enjoying Group Activities                             Waiting Patiently                                         Taking Turns                                               Resolving Conflicts.                                               

The Trackers

Curriculum in the Trackers classroom focuses on developing the physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills that a preschooler needs to ensure success upon entering kindergarten.  Letter recognition, participation in collaborative play and learning as well as conflict resolution.

 The Pioneers 

The curriculum in the Pioneers classroom focuses on the skills needed to be ready for kindergarten including:
Letter Recognition                               Number Recognition                          Colors                                                Shapes                                              
Self Management Skills (zippering coats and tying shoes)          
Letter Sounds                                                                               
Recognizing Rhyming Words                                                      

The Adventurers 

The Adventurer classroom enjoys a curriculum filled with art, reading and science.  The teachers also exercise the opportunity to mirror activities that are practiced at the kindergarten and first grade level at the school each child attends.

The Schoolmates

The Schoolmates classroom provides a safe, fun environment for children in 2nd through 6th grade, before and after school during the school year.  Full time care is provided in the summer and non-school days.  In this classroom the focus is on social development and collaborative learning, as well as establishing leadership skills and growing friendships.